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Biohazard Disposal: What to Do and Not to Do

Most people never plan on cleaning up a crime scene or other biohazard. However, if you are confronted a situation requiring biohazard disposal New Jersey, there are some important dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when approaching cleanup.


There are some important things you should do before cleaning up a biohazard.




Assess the scene. Many times, biohazards are the result of a criminal act. If the biohazards are the result of a homicide, suicide, accident, violent crime, or other criminal event, you need to contact the police. There could be criminal consequences for cleaning up a scene without contacting the police. It can also keep police from solving a crime. If there was no crime, you may need to find out if the hazardous material requires reporting to another regulatory agency. Not sure if it needs to be reported? Call local law enforcement and they should be able to help direct you on the reporting process.


Find a place to stay until the scene can be cleaned. Processing a scene may take days before cleaners can begin. Depending on the extent of the contamination, cleaning a scene can take days, as well. Depending on the products used in the cleaning process, there may be a delay between the end of cleaning and when it is safe to be on the premises. Even if there are no lingering hazards from products, you may need to give time for things to dry.


There are also important things not to do when scheduling a biohazard clean up.


Do Not:


Ignore Qualifications. Many cleaning companies will offer biohazard cleaning services. However, you need special skills and qualifications to thoroughly clean up biohazards. The company you choose should be skilled in handling biohazards and crime scene clean up.


Expose yourself to diseases. Biohazard scenes can contain bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can cause illness and disease. Using improper cleaning equipment or the wrong personal protective equipment (PPE) can leave you vulnerable. Professionals know the right equipment and products to use to safely clean these dangerous materials.


Try to clean it yourself. Even if you are qualified to clean up biohazards, you need to consider more than the physical impact of cleaning them. Cleaning up a crime scene, site of an injury, or after a suicide can be deeply emotionally traumatic, especially if the person involved was a loved one. Getting a professional to handle the cleanup allows you some emotional distance from the scene.


Dealing with biohazards can be challenging, especially if they are the result of a traumatic event. Bio One is the most trusted biohazard cleanup company in the area. You can rely on our services to help you.