Bio-One of Jersey Shore decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime is messy.  Not only does it disrupt lives, damage property, and hurt people, but it also leaves behind a physical mess.  Some of these messes can be really horrific.  There may not be anyone left behind to clean them up, or they may have taken place in homes or businesses where the same people who are normally in charge of cleaning have an emotional connection to the crime. These kinds of messes also shouldn’t be cleaned up by the average person as they can be dangerous if not properly handled.  That is where we come in.  At Bio One, we specialize in cleaning up biological hazards, including crime scenes.  We routinely work with dangerous materials and have the skills, equipment, and products required to help restore a crime scene back to normal. 


When a criminal commits a violent crime, they leave behind blood and other bodily fluids.  However, you might be surprised to find out that a huge part of the mess at crime scenes is actually due to the police and forensic investigators.  In addition to handling blood and other bodily fluids, our cleanup crews have to be able to deal with special chemicals, such as luminol, that these professionals may use in a crime scene.  In addition, while crime scenes are not cleaned until they have been released, we have to be aware of the fact that a crime occurred on-site.  If we uncover any additional suspicious material while cleaning, we have to be willing to work with law enforcement.  


Blood and other bodily fluids are considered biohazards because of the contaminants they may contain.  That is true for a body discovered immediately after death and definitely for one that has not been found for days or weeks.  When bodies have begun the decomposition process, cleaning can involve a bunch of other challenges.  It can even expose people to potential disease or infection.  Our crime scene cleanup crews are trained in how to safely handle biological waste and thoroughly disinfect areas to make them safe.  


Even if you feel up to the challenge of cleaning a crime scene, there are psychological reasons to hire professionals.  It can be traumatic to witness a crime scene, much less a clean one.  While our workers are not immune from trauma, they do have the tools to process it.  In addition, because they do not have personal relationships with the victims, they do not experience the same type of trauma that a person would experience cleaning up the blood or bodily fluids of a victim that they knew. 


At Bio-One, we cannot change the lifelong impact that crime can have on you.  However, we can reduce the trauma, restore your property, and help you move forward.