Bio-One of Jersey Shore decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Business Ownership Benefits

Franchising allows you to pick your passion. If you do it right, work becomes play and your business becomes a mechanism to do what you love. As you continue your search for a company that speaks to your needs, you’ll likely be weighing the benefits of each franchise against one another. Does corporate offer training and support? Is business expanding or shrinking? Is this work meaningful to myself and others? These are the questions that might be rattling in your head as you begin your journey towards entrepreneurial self-sufficiency. Here, we’ll break down the rewards of purchasing a Bio-One franchise, and what they might mean for you. 

1)     An Opportunity to Help Others during their Greatest Time of Need

Bio-One is perfect for people who have a passion for helping others on the worst day of their lives. Because authorities do not clean up the aftermath of homicides, suicides and other violent crime scenes, dangerous biohazardous materials will sit unattended in the affected family’s home or property. Our company was founded so that families impacted by these tragedies do not have to go through the trauma of cleaning up these scenes themselves. By conducting this work scientifically, we ensure that the area is thoroughly decontaminated to prevent infectious diseases from spreading. But this job demands more than stringent cleanup procedures. Because we are among the first to interact with those who have been left behind after a homicide or suicide, we prioritize our clients’ emotional needs. That’s why our motto is “Help first, business second.” Though it involves strenuous work, this position provides franchisee’s an opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives when they need help the most.

2)     An Unparalleled System of Training and Support

We train our franchisees until they are masters of their industry. Because we want to provide you with all the resources you need to be self-sufficient, we’ll teach you how to effectively market your business, how to coordinate a remediation plan for a live crime scene and how to use personal protective equipment. Our leadership team is on standby 24/7 to assist you as challenges arise so you never have to feel like you’re unable to answer a difficult question.  But training and support continue long after you are brought onboard. Classes continue throughout the year to inform you about developments in the industry and changing practices. We also hold annual training conferences at “family reunions” during the holidays, where we gather all our franchisees from across the nation to celebrate our successes and reflect on how we can continue to grow.

3)     An Impressive Record of Growth and Development

Our decades of experience have given us the blueprint for success in this industry, and our remarkable growth over the past few years proves it. Entrepreneur Magazine announced at the beginning of this year that we ranked higher than last year in their esteemed Franchise 500—a comprehensive ranking system of over 1,000 companies that analyzes which franchises are growing in America. We made the largest leap forward in Bio-One’s history, moving from #344 to #304. Jumps this dramatic are rarely heard of in the franchising world. We were also named one of the fastest growing franchises in the nation by Inc. 5000 Magazine in 2018; and in 2017, we received an award from Entrepreneur Magazine for being among the top 100 franchises of the year. We continue to be recognized annually by the likes of Entrepreneur Startup’s Magazine, Franchise Dictionary Magazine and for expanding our business beyond expectations.

If you want to be part of our award-winning team, contact the Franchise Help Line at 720-463-3004 and we’ll help start you on your path towards success. We’re happy to speak with you 24/7/365.