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How to Dispose of Biohazard Waste

If you are handling biohazard waste, it is important to dispose of it safely.  That is because biohazard waste poses a threat to public health.  It can lead to the spread of disease, putting people at risk.  At Bio One, we can help you with biohazard disposal New Jersey.  We specialize in handling biohazard clean-up, from crime scenes to medical waste disposal.  

Biohazard Waste

As the name suggests, biohazard waste refers to any type of waste that poses a biological hazard.  We often think of blood, feces, urine, pus, and body parts as biohazards, and they are.  However, biohazards can also include any tools or instruments that come into contact with those items, such as needles or even broken glass.  In addition, animal products, lab waste, tissue specimens, liquids, and bodily fluids may also be biohazards.

Safely Disposing of Biohazards

You may not think you need a biohazard protocol in your workplace.  However, if you have customers or multiple employees, then you need to establish a biohazard protocol.  That is because it is easy to get a small workplace injury that results in bleeding.  In addition, you may have people at your workplace who need to use needles for insulin or other medications.  At a minimum, you want to establish a biohazard protocol, have a sharps container for easy use, and have access to biohazard bags. 

Steps for Disposing of Biohazard Waste

  • Apply personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves. 

  • Place the waste in a biohazard safe container.

  • Place sharps in a designated sharps container. 

  • Label the waste appropriately. 

  • Place waste in a waste accumulation site that is labeled as biohazard waste. 

  • Contact your waste management company for pick-up if pickup is not regularly scheduled.

Contact Bio One

Does dealing with biohazard waste seem daunting?  Do not worry.  Bio One can streamline the process.  We can visit your workplace and assess your company’s biohazard needs.  For the average business, we can install sharps containers and help you set up an emergency kit for dealing with unexpected biohazard waste.  For medical facilities or other facilities that regularly generate biohazard waste, we can set up more extensive collection systems and a regular removal schedule.  Whether you deal with biohazards regularly or occasionally, Bio One can help. 


Contact us today to set up your company’s biohazard management system.  Have biohazards at home?  We handle residential jobs, as well.